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Tray Hay Feeder

Cradle Hay Feeder


130 kg

Fully Assembled Dimensions:

1900 x 1400 x 1700 (LxWxH)

Mostly Assembled Dimensions:

1900 x 1150 x 1350 (LxWxH)

Flat-packed Dimensions:

1900 x 1000 x 200 (LxWxH)

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The Tray Hay Feeder can be skidded while it still has feed in it.


The Tray Hay Feeder can easily be loaded with a FEL. Bales should always be loaded from the side that has the stickers on it.


Less waste:

  • Trays catches any waste which can still be eaten by cattle
  • Bale positioned in the feeder so that the rain naturally drains from it
  • Bale is raised off the ground
  • Optional roof for keeping rain out

Easy to use:

  • Easy to move whilst hay in feeder
  • Load with a Front End Loader


  • Meal can be put into tray to feed at the same time


  • Bracing to ensure it stands up to any rough treatment

Waste Saving

  • The feed that the cattle, horses, etc. pull out from the suspended area that doesn’t get eaten falls in the trays. This prevents the hay falling and being trampled into the ground. The floor has 6 holes in the bottom of it to allow moisture to drain from it.
    THF1 Tray
  • The feed is suspended off the ground which means that moisture doesn’t affect the bottom of the bales.
  • Round bales are positioned so that they naturally drain water off the top. This is significant because the top of the bale is eaten last which means that the draining feature lasts until the bale is completely eaten.
    THF1 Tray
  • The Tray Hay Feeder has an optional attachment, the Hay Feeder Roof, to better reduce waste from rain.
    THF1 with HFR
  • When the hay is under its own weight suspended against the bars, it makes accessing the hay harder for the stock. The effect of this is that stock are forced to take less in per mouthful which means they are less likely to spill what they have worked for on the ground.


The Tray Hay Feeder has several types of bracing. This makes them strong enough for rough treatment from cattle and to be transported by skidded them on their frames.

Skid Brace

THF1 Skid Brace

Floor Brace

THF1 Floor Brace

Side Brace

THF1 Side Brace