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Tom and Harvey Clay Tom and Harvey Clay Showle Court, Monkhide, Ledbury, Herefordshire

Before I owned my BALE JAIL Cradle Hay Feeder and Hay Feeder Roof, I had a lot of wasted hay. Some feeders I had positioned the bales on the side and any rain that fell on the bale soaked into the middle of it and the stock wouldn't eat it. Other cradle style feeders didn't have a floor in the bottom and the sheep would pull all the best bits of the bale onto the ground.

I can now feed hay without the worry of considering what the weather will do. I recently had a bale in the feeder over spring for a couple months. When the pasture got low, the stock then come back to the bale and consumed it all. The tray in the feeder meant that it would prevent the hay falling through to the ground.

There are cheaper feeders out there but I feel the extra investment in these well thought out products has paid off quickly.

CHF1 with HFR