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How do you load the feeder?

Can be loaded using a trailer, with a Front End Loader from the top or rolling the bale into the feeder from the ground

How do cattle eat from it?

Calves eat between the bars and mature cattle eat from over the top

Can a sheep finish a whole bale?


Can you use it to feed silage?


Can you skid the feeder whilst loaded?

Yes, it can be pulled by a quad bike. There are 3” plants on the skids to ease pulling.

Will the bale fall on the sheep?

No. The side panels are angled to prevent this

Can you load it by hand?

No. You would need at least a quad bike

Does tray fill with water?

No. There are drainage holes in the bottom of the tray

Will calves feed from it?

Yes it is ideal for calves

Can you load with the roof on?

No. The roof needs to be unclipped and opened

What is the best way to keep the feed dry?

Attach the optional Hay Feeder Roof


What type of bales can be used?

Round, Heston and clamp silage

How do you load the feeder?

- It is easiest by lifting the entire feeder up by the hook and lowering it over the bales.
- The gates and containment panel can be unclipped and bales can be loaded from the side.

Can it be moved whilst the bale is inside?


Can sheep and cattle use it?


How do you secures gates for loading?

A shaft lock pin holds the gates in position to prevent them sliding in

Does roof come off?


How do the gates work?

As the stock consume the hay they naturally push the gates in.

Can sheep get inside?

Generally not because the gates are usually against the hay inside the feeder.

Why are the bars horizontal?

It prevents cattle getting their heads stuck

What is the containment panel for?

Keeps feed contained in the feeder and helps prevent stock from trampling the feed


Can it be moved with a bale in it?

Yes – it can be easily pulled along on its skids

Does the floor fill with water?

There are drainage holes in the bottom on the tray

Can calves eat from it?

Calves need to be over 8 months old

How does it reduce hay wastage?

The Tray Hay Feeder is designed to catch surplus hay on the trays

Can feed be put on the tray?


Can you load bale from all sides?

Should only be loaded from vertical sides. i.e. those with stickers on

Is it suitable for horses, alpacas and llamas?


Will stock hurt themselves on the sheet metal reinforcing?

No. The reinforcing has a safety fold on the exposed edge

What is the best way to keep the feed dry?

Attach the optional Hay Feeder Roof

Is it suitable for silage?


Will stock knock it over?

This has been in use since 2009 and have never experienced one being tipped over


Does it fit both the Cradle Hay Feeder and the
Tray Hay Feeder?


Does the wind blow it open?

No. The chains fasten both sections together

How do you load the Cradle Hay Feeder when the
Hay Feeder Roof is attached?

- If you are rolling the bale in you need to unfasten it with the shaft locking pins.
- If you are loading it with a front end loader from the side the Hay Feeder Roof can be rotated open.
- If loading from the side of a trailer one side will be needed to be unfastened.

Is it safe for stock?

Yes, the outer edges of the sheet metal have a safety fold along.

How heavy are the Hay Feeder Roof sections?

They weight 15kg each